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Cary Ranked Number One Best Town in NC to Find a Job

Cary Ranked Number One Best Town in NC to Find a Job

One of the many factors to consider in relocating your family is the availability to find employment, and once employed, having a chance to grow and prosper at that job. According to the annual poll done at, your move and these exact type of employment opportunities in your new home town, has found Cary ranked number one statewide among the 2018 listing for Best Town in NC to Find a Job.

As noted by the experts at Zippia in the article analyzing the Best Town in NC to Find a Job, many people may expect a city such as Charlotte, Raleigh, or even Chapel Hill to top this list, however, as explained, “Cary ranks as our number one overall best place to find a job in North Carolina. It scored well across the board, but extremely well for its unemployment rate (2nd) and future job growth (2nd).” The blog post goes on to say that Cary is, “known as being a great place to live and that has a lot to do with the fact that the people there all have jobs and get paid well for doing them.” The piece concludes with a glowing testimonial to the town, saying, “If you are thinking of moving to NC and will need to find a job, we strongly recommend you start your search in Cary. In reaching the final rankings for the Best Town in NC to Find a Job, the process is also explained at the Zippia website as follows: “In order to properly compare places, we set a minimum population threshold of 5,000 people. After getting the data for about 740 places in NC, the population requirement cut out list down to 146 places. We then ranked each place across a number of criteria from one to 146, with one being the best.” Furthering their explanation, the post said, “We took the average rank across all criteria, with the place posting the lowest overall score being crowned the winner.” Also detailed were the five main points of analysis, which were: •  Unemployment rate •  Recent job growth •  Future job growth •  Sales tax •  Median household income To see the entire top ten listing and take a more detailed look at the Best Town in NC to Find a Job rankings and more specifically, how the Town of Cary was placed in the number one spot, visit


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