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Its “Crystal” Clear: Numbers Are on the Rise on the Coast in Carteret County

Its “Crystal” Clear: Numbers Are on the Rise on the Coast in Carteret County

Through the final half of 2020, many businesses and municipalities were faced with some very challenging and uncertain times. Many saw doors closing that they would never have thought could possibly close. However, it was also a time where many people rethought their current living situations. Things that were maybe taken for granted before, or even once temporarily taken away made a lot of people think about their living situations and make the move to go after their dreams of coastal living. One place that bucked the trend and has found itself to be that exact destination many of those who decided it was time to move to their dream was the Crystal Coast and Carteret County. Among the most popular spots to reap the benefits of these new residents was the spectacular Beau Coast new home community, located in historic Beaufort, NC. In actuality, the influx of new residents to this gorgeous area in the Southern Outer Banks has been so great in the waning months of 2020 it recently was featured in Business North Carolina magazine for the surprising number of relocation prospects and visitors to the area during this stretch.

As noted, not only was there a pleasantly surprising number of people searching for new homes in Beaufort at the Beau Coast neighborhood in the trying time that has been these past six months, but the area also has benefitted from its always prosperous tourism. This coastal area of North Carolina has long been a popular summer and vacation stop for visitors from across the southeast and beyond. Likewise, it has seen a consistent flow of relocating retirees, who seek the peacefulness and serenity of coastal living in a convenient and centralized location to anywhere on the United States East Coast. However, while both the tourist and retiree demographic would remain strong during the past year’s trying times, it is obviously apparent from climbing numbers and the having a community with multiple homes and lifestyle options and great amenities such as Beau Coast at such a desirable location has “turned the tide,” as those who were once only vacationers are more and more seeking to call the Crystal Coast area their home. A case in point is the huge increase seen During the months of July until December 2020 there was a huge increase in some very eye-opening categories. For example, amazingly, the retail sales tax numbers in Carteret County for these final six months in 2020 in some cases even surpassed those in the waning months of 2019 before the pandemic entirely. Even more interesting and proving the more frequent searches for new homes in Beaufort and the rising popularity of lifestyle-rich communities such as Beau Coast were the July-December 2020 occupancy and real estate excise tax numbers in several of those months being greater than those in July-December 2019. The rise in prospective residents has seen not only the earlier spoken of retiree numbers or vacationers during this recent stretch. It would seem that the combination of strong local businesses and restaurants and the support amongst the entire Crystal Coast and Carteret County communities for each other have not only to help them thrive. But combined with the area’s natural beauty, outdoor activities, and the openness of other local businesses to welcome newcomers with open arms, this has seen a rise in younger families moving g to this area. With a drastically lower than U.S. average unemployment rate of a minuscule 4.9 percent, it’s no wonder these numbers are up for nearly every age group moving to this scenic area of NC. Outdoor activities. Great local entertainment, shops, and restaurants. Spectacular new homes in Beaufort awaiting at the Beau Coast coastal living new home community. The hot, shining sun and seemingly endless clear blue waters. Is it any wonder that the Crystal Coast and Carteret County are seeing people more and more seeking to make this move? With all the options and community spirit that awaits, it seems now is as good of a time as ever to “set sail “towards Crystal Coast living and Beau Coast is the perfect place to drop your anchor.


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