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New Bern Gaining Recognition Among Best Towns in NC

New Bern Gaining Recognition Among Best Towns in NC

Though nothing new to longtime residents, the “outside world” has been heaping praise of late on the town of New Bern. In actuality, several respected real estate blogs have placed the “small town near the sea,” among their 2020 Best Places in NC listings.

Self-described at the official New Bern website ( as ” a charming riverfront town.” The description of this popular choice among Best Places in NC listings for 2020, reads on. New Bern, it explains is “set along the picturesque Trent and Neuse Rivers, and centrally located along the North Carolina coast.” They continue, “Filled with quaint boutiques and eateries, riverfront attractions, lively entertainment, and more, New Bern truly offers something for everyone. Come explore the tradition, the culture, and the distinct flavor that is unique to eastern North Carolina.” Being “Cool,” Puts you Among the Best Places in NC  Heading into 2020, the travel website, “Trips to Discover” released their take on the Best Places in NC list. For this year, the site, which garners more than 20 million visitors annually, had a slight twist on the polling. “Trips to Discover” columnist, Madison Dragna released the aforementioned post, titled, “The Coolest Cities in North Carolina (and Here’s Why!) As one would expect, Dragna gave her reasoning behind the inclusion of New Bern to her Best Places in NC list. “History buffs looking for a cool North Carolina city to visit will love staying in New Bern.” she begins. “New Bern isn’t home to just one historic district but a number of them. Visiting all the New Bern historic buildings found on the state historic register is a great bucket list activity.” Moving on past the town’s rich history, Dragna continues. ” Even if you aren’t into history, some of the historical buildings are cool enough to be Instagram-worthy, especially Tyron Palace. When you aren’t soaking in the history here, there are a number of art galleries worth your time.” Going back to a fun historic fact to end the blog entry, she concludes. “One place that gives New Bern the cool factor is the Pepsi Store. New Bern was actually the birthplace of Pepsi Cola, and therefore the Pepsi Store is a must-visit while you’re here.” Water, History, Small Town Charm…Why New Bern is one of the Best Places in NC to Retire Another highly respected media source that has included New Bern among their 2020 Best Places in NC is The financial experts at Investopedia, likewise, share their insights with millions of visitors annually. Servicing those seeking financial advice since 1999, this website includes New Bern as one of the Best Places in NC for a specific demographic. The Best Places in NC, to retire, is the listings which Investopedia blogger, Jean Folgeri discusses New Bern. “New Bern, population 30,100, is a “quintessential charming small town near the sea,” she starts. “Movie buffs will recognize its quaint streets in “The Notebook,” based on Nicholas Sparks’ well-known romance novel.” Including history enthusiasts as well, she adds. “History buffs will enjoy New Bern’s four historic districts, dozens of homes on the National Historic Register, and its status as the second oldest town in North Carolina (and its capital during colonial days). Folgeri concludes, “Despite its small size, New Bern has a thriving art and music scene, with its bimonthly ArtWalks, musical street performers and waterfront summer concerts.” New Bern is “Cool,” New Bern is the to Retire, New Bern is “Colours!” Here at the Preston Development Company, we couldn’t agree more with the accolades from Trips to Discover or Investopedia. You see, we initially came into the New Bern area in 2010. We saw all these things that made local residents call it the “quintessential charming small town near the sea.” Thus, we introduced the Carolina Colours new home community. For the past ten years, Carolina Colours and New Bern have been proving us and the real estate experts right! The location nearby the water and small-town charm combined with its location and access to amenities makes us agree this is among the Best Places in NC. For further information on New Bern and the Carolina Colours community, visit


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