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Pittsboro NC Residents Living the “Typical Small-Town Dream”

Pittsboro NC Residents Living the “Typical Small-Town Dream”

With optimism high seeing new business and new development on the horizon in the near future, there is an excitement among residents of the Town of Pittsboro. At the highly respected ranking and review website,, many town residents have voiced said optimism and a love for their local community. In reviews and comments left at the site, Pittsboro natives speak of the town’s family-friendly atmosphere, affordability, and an overall exuberance looking forward to what the future holds for the “Circle City.”

Living the “Small Town Dream”

The reviews left by actual members of the Pittsboro NC community on Niche speak volumes about the overall living experience in the town, with a recent post stating, “Pittsboro is the typical small-town dream. Everyone knows everyone and it is a very friendly community. The land value is cheaper than most places surrounding Pittsboro.”

A Great Sense of Community and Pride in the Schools

Continuing the “five out of five stars review” given of Pittsboro NC, this resident continued, “The local public schools are great and very safe. Pittsboro is one of the most healthy and safe places to live.” Enjoying beautiful sunsets and sunrises from all around the town is one of the best things about the community and atmosphere in Pittsboro.” They concluded, “Teachers from all around come to teach at the wonderful public schools because of the great community in the schools.”

“Making the Grade” in Pittsboro

Echoing that sentiment, Pittsboro NC has actually received all positive reviews from the visitors to, which is quite a rarity in actuality. As a result of this, the website gives the town an overall grade of “A.” The town has zero categories among what is referred to as the “report card” where they were below a “B” grade. Consequently these “high marks” in most recent poll last year put the town in the top 10 percent of places to live in North Carolina for the first time. Given the high grades and strong reviews from actual residents of the town, it would appear when the experts at Niche compile next years’ rankings that the only place that Pittsboro NC will be going on their charts is upwards.

Areas that Pittsboro Earned an “A” or “B” Grade

The sentiments of the residents quoted above are echoed in the aforementioned “report card” given annually by the Niche experts. The following are all areas that the town scored highly in, assisting them in moving up the rankings on the website.
    Public Schools (A)
    “Good for Families” (A)
    Diversity (A)
    Outdoor Activities (A)
    Jobs (B+)
    Cost of Living (B+)
    Housing (B+)
    Weather (B)

Chatham Park to Add to Already ‘Family Friendly, Community Feel

Seconding the first review above, yet another local resident left a review earlier this month, adding their optimism toward the positive growth of Pittsboro NC that the town is ready for in the upcoming months and years. “Pittsboro is very family friendly and has a great community feel,” started this reviewer. “There is a new development coming in called Chatham Park that will bring in a lot of new businesses and housing.” These are just two of the many incredible reviews shining a positive light on what is becoming one of the Tar Heel State’s fastest growing areas. To see more details, breaking down the “grading” process and all the great reviews of Pittsboro NC, visit


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