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Walking Trails in Knightdale are Just Outside Your Front Door

Walking Trails in Knightdale are Just Outside Your Front Door

As any residents can attest there are countless incredible outdoor locations across town that all ages can enjoy in Knightdale. The town’s “first master-planned community” Preston Development Company’s Knightdale Station neighborhood puts you right in the center for many of these outdoor options. Some of the options can be enjoyed without even leaving the Knightdale Station neighborhood. However, there are countless other Walking Trails in Knightdale that we will educate you on as well. Maybe the best part for those at Knightdale Station is that to enjoy a walk, ride, or run while soaking in the scenery and atmosphere of the town you are always within two miles of your own front door.

Now, as current residents at Knightdale Station can attest, there are many on-site amenities and outdoor activities to choose from. But even as the town still currently has to abide by some remaining restrictions due to the COVID pandemic, the one constant throughout this situation has been the spacious and serene Walking Trails in Knightdale.  So even as other outdoor destinations across town “re-open” the peaceful and scenic Trailways still provide an amazing backdrop to enjoy a walk, run, or just to catch a breath of fresh air. As we begin our “stroll” through the Walking Trails of Knightdale, we will start, literally as we alluded to above, right outside your front door and in the Knightdale Station neighborhood. From there we will “walk” you through four other Walking Trails in Knightdale. Several of the trails sit not even a mile away from the homes in Knightdale at the Station. Consequently, even the furthest of the trails covered is less than two miles away. Now, what are you waiting for? Lace-up those sneakers put in your headphones, and let’s head out to the trails… Walking Trails in Knightdale
  • Knightdale Station Park and Trails
  • Harper Parks and Trails
  • Knightdale Community Park and Trails
  • Environmental Park and Trails
  • Mingo Creek Park and Trails
Knightdale Station Park and Trails, 810 North First Avenue, Knightdale For those residing at Knightdale Station who take to the outdoors for your cardio, whether it’s jogging, running, or hopping on your bike, it’s safe to say you’re familiar with these outdoor amenities. You can pace your way through the community’s 76-acre park, maneuver around on the seemingly endless paved walking paths, or take a more “natural stroll” and enjoy the link to the trails straight out of your new home neighborhood. For more details on all the outdoor and all other amenities afforded to you at Knightdale Station, visit Harper Park and Trails, 209 Main Street, Knightdale Originally named in honor of Eugene Harper, Knightdale’s longest-serving mayor of all time, this is Harper Park. This is a four-acre neighborhood park, with many outdoor amenities to enjoy. Just like Knightdale Station, Harper Park also connects to even more Walking Trails in Knightdale. The Harper pathways are very conveniently and scenically shaded by trees and woods. There are over two acres of wooded trails at this location. Harper Park and Trails are under a mile away from Knightdale Station (0.8 miles) Knightdale Community Park and Trails, 1137 Old Knight Road, Knightdale Knightdale Community Park normally hosts high school, recreation league, and youth athletics/sporting events. The complex includes 4 lighted ball fields that these types of events take place on. Located directly beside Knightdale High School, Community Park is open from dusk until dawn. The Walking Trails in Knightdale that connect to this park offer a serene and beautiful setting for a walk. Knightdale Community Park and Trails are under a mile away from Knightdale Station. (0.9 miles) Environmental Park and Trails, 1388 North Smithfield Road, Knightdale Much like Community Park, Knightdale’s Environmental Park is symbolic of the youth sports and activities that are normally going on almost year-round. Beautiful public art accompanies the 1/3 mile of paved Knightdale Walking Trails at this location. The park is accessible from either the side near Town Hall or the library. Adding to the uniqueness of this is a boardwalk along the path which then continues to circle past a pond with benches, overlooks, and two picnic shelters. Knightdale Environmental Park and trails are only 1.3 miles from Knightdale Station. Mingo Creek Park and Trails, 100 Parkside Commons Drive, Knightdale Connected to Mingo Creek Park is some of the town’s most gorgeous scenery. Eye-catching spectacular wetlands and hardwood forests surrounding nearly these near four miles of Walking Trails in Knightdale. Similar to Environmental Park, Mingo Creek Trail also features a wooden boardwalk section. Mingo Creek Park itself sets on an 8.2-acre site and an entry point to the Mingo Creek Trail. This trail connects you to about 30 miles of local greenways including Raleigh’s popular Neuse River Greenway Trail along with many others. Mingo Creek Park and Trails are only 1.8 miles from Knightdale Station. A Breath of Air and a Touch of Scenery The Walking Trails in Knightdale are a beautiful and peaceful way to enjoy the outdoors by oneself, with a friend, or even in a group. With some still uncertain about social distancing, these trails also give a worry-free, wide-open area to enjoy getting some exercise in. As a bonus for the residents of Knightdale Station, not one of them is further than two miles out your very own front door.


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