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Why There are So Many Families Moving to Raleigh

Why There are So Many Families Moving to Raleigh

You have taken your time on this long and detailed search for where you and your loved ones were going to call home. Repeatedly as you did your research, one city and area continued to show up as the ideal. You are not alone in “discovering” the state capital of North Carolina and its surrounding Triangle area. As a matter of fact, our main offices at Preston Development Company are in Cary, NC, directly in the heart of the Raleigh/Triangle area. We also have multiple Raleigh new home communities located in this surrounding area. So, obviously, we love the area, but that being said we must ask the question, exactly why there are so many families moving to Raleigh?

Could it be this area’s easy access to the beaches and mountains of North Carolina from a centralized location? Sure, that’s a selling point. Great schools and good home pricing? Those are both great reasons too. Large areas of green space, miles of walking trails, and tons of outdoor recreation? These are all solid reasons. However, below we’ve listed five reasons that not only factor into many families moving to Raleigh, but they are also fairly unique to the city and Triangle area well. Five Reasons Behind Families Moving to Raleigh 1) Unmatched for Great Healthcare You have to admit this one is important and is something weighed in on by pretty much any Families Moving to Raleigh, or anywhere else in the world for that matter. The Triangle area is an international epicenter for health care and research. They have staff and specialists at WakeMed, Duke University Medical, and University of NC hospitals not only known locally but respected and renowned worldwide. The hospitals mentioned rank among some of the best the U.S. has to offer and are regularly mentioned among the top medical facilities in the nation. 2) Plentiful Job Market There is the chance that when families are arranging to move that everyone involved already has their employment lined up. However, in many other cases, one parent may have been moved for the company which they work for and a spouse will be relocating and looking for work. Regardless of the situation, the Raleigh area ranks nationally as one of the top places to start a business or find a job. The largest industries in the Raleigh area include education and health care, and the high-tech companies are also abundant too. Many career opportunities await in a vast array of fields of work. Also, if you are getting on the path to a new career, you are not alone among families moving to Raleigh, as you will see in our next entry. 3) Great Higher Education Options As we mentioned above, families moving to Raleigh not only have a rich and bustling job market that they are relocating into. They also have several of the finest colleges, universities, and higher education institutions in the country either directly in or within minutes of Raleigh. Choices of study for you or your children are nearly endless with North Carolina State in Raleigh excelling in engineering, agriculture, and biology. Duke University in neighboring Durham is known for its school of medicine. Likewise, UNC-Chapel Hill offers business, government, law, and public health. With nearly 20 colleges, universities, or two-year schools in Raleigh, it makes for the highest concentration of Ph.D.’s in one area in the entire U.S. 4) Unique and Fantastic Dining Options You name the type of restaurant, the type of food, and really any type of atmosphere you are feeling like and there will be no disappointment in Raleigh. The city has some of the best dining options anywhere in the country as well, boasting all menu types, from straight Carolina BBQ to vegetarian and vegan fare. It could take Families Moving to Raleigh NC a literal lifetime to sample and try all of the incredible culinary choices in Raleigh…but hey you’re moving here right? Why not give it a try? 5) Play Ball! (and Hockey…and Just About Everything Else!) The Raleigh area is central to some of the greatest sports action in the country, too. Given the aforementioned NC State (Raleigh), UNC (Chapel Hill), and Duke (Durham), there are several of the greatest rivalries both in basketball and football played at the college level, right in the Raleigh area. If families moving to Raleigh are hockey fans, they have again come to the. right place. The Carolina Hurricanes, National Hockey League franchise actually calls Raleigh it’s home. Several minor league baseball teams from Class A through Triple-A play in the Raleigh/Triangle area as well. Likewise, there are several pro soccer options for families coming to the area also. By making the choice to be in the Raleigh area, you certainly get a lot more than just the five items briefly touched upon above. But year after year, continuously the most respected publications in real estate and beyond name the Raleigh Triangle area among their most desirable locations to live in the country. Likewise, the statistics showing an influx of relocation and retirees to the state continue climbing every year as well. So, if you were wondering if the buzz about families moving to Raleigh is one worth looking into, the numbers and the facts don’t lie, it is one of the fastest-growing and most prosperous spots in the U.S….and the buzz is only getting louder.


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